Now Offering Forever Linked Permanent Jewelry


INTRODUCING... (drumroll)

Your style, made permanent! Our permanent jewelry selection is live and we are now taking appointments. Have questions? Here are some of our most common questions answered:

What is Permanent Jewelry?
Permanent Jewelry is jewelry that is welded together using a special machine. This replaces the need for a clasp (clasp-less jewelry).

Does it hurt?
Nope! The spark that is generated during this process is NOT of high temperature.

Can it be removed?
The chains applied during this process are thin enough to last but not thick enough to cause harm to the wearer in the event that it becomes caught on an object. If the jewelry needs to be removed for any reason, it can be removed with jewelry snips and re-welded if desired.

Does it require any maintenance?
This jewelry can undergo months of wear without needing to be cleansed! To maintain the integrity of the link, aftercare can be used to remove debris or build up.

Does it last forever?
Generally you can expect anywhere from 1-10 years depending on the type of metal (sterling silver, 14K gold, etc.) you choose.